Curran Johnston - Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer


Swedish  Massage

60 minutes-$75

75 minutes-$90

90 minutes-$110


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes-$75
75 minutes-$95
90 minutes-$105


Orthopedic/Therapeutic/Clinical Massage

60 minutes-$75
75 minutes-$90
90 minutes-$105


Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes-$90
90 minutes-$120
120 minutes-$150


Cupping Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes-$80

90 minutes-$120

120 minutes-$140

I offer a variety of massage methods to meet any bodywork need. I work with patients suffering from loss of range of motion, pain, discomfort and muscle dysfunction. I also work with those seeking relief from insomnia, tension, muscle tightness and stress. My therapies include the relaxation methods of massage as well as the therapeutic and medical.

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Yoga and Fitness Services:

Private Yoga Session

60 minutes-$50

75 minutes-$65

90 minutes-$80


Personal Fitness Training

60 minutes-$50

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