Yvette Levi - Massage Therapist

A graduate of the James Rumsey Technical School Massage Therapy Program, Yvette Levi has been licensed to practice in West Virginia since 2018.  In addition to her private practice, she also provides services at Atasia Spa in Berkeley Springs.  She is certified as an Ashiatsu practitioner through the DeepFeet Bar Therapy Association. 

Yvette offers relaxation, therapeutic modalities, and can target adhesions for pain relief.  She uses Swedish, Deep Tissue and Stretching techniques to develop the best massage for your unique needs.

Massage Services:

Each massage is tailored to your own needs.  We will hold a quick pre-session to determine your massage goals for the day, and for the long-term.  We will then decide which modality is best and determine a reasonable outcome from the session.  Add-ons are free of charge, just integrated into the time slot.  You must mark the add-on during booking, so it can be set up prior to your appointment.  If not specified at booking, it might not be available.


30 minutes      $45

60 minutes      $75

90 minutes      $105

120 minutes    $135


Hot Stones - Basalt stones heated to release muscle tension and

placed along the body during massage.

Hot Stones only available in 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions.


Vacutherapy - a modern version of cupping using a machine for

better control and gliding.  Adds an extra 30 minutes to your treatment.

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Yvette Levi - 304.820.9393

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